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In 1913, as Ford's new Model T began to crowd the already bustling streets of New York City, two brothers, the sons of a Russian immigrant, went after their piece of the American Dream. Irving and Jack Schott started making raincoats in a basement on the Lower East Side of Manhattan which was then sold by street peddlers door to door. Irving Schott's leather jackets were lovingly branded with the name of his favourite cigar - the Perfecto. By the mid-twenties, Schott NYC was revolutionizing the way Americans dressed for the outdoors when they were the first to put a zipper on a jacket.

For over 100 years Schott has left their stamp on the world with their signature quality and craftsmanship on timeless American classics.  They've done it all from designing/producing garments for the US Air Force and Military for over 60 years to embodying the persona of the American "Bad Boy" across film and music in the for over a good part of the century. 

Today run by the third and fourth generation of Schott family who still manufactures most of their clothing in the United States. In an old brick building, the classic styles that have, and will continue to, connect with the American spirit are cut and sewn by the hands of trained craftspeople.