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ENDLESS RAIN: In the distant future, life on earth has changed dramatically. The endless rain of the murky metropolis, echoes the never-ending cycle of raw emotions submerged from human conflict, disarray and the shadows of uncertainty.

Endless Rain is inspired by classic Asian crime cinema and 80's dystopian films. With the classic silhouettes serving as framework, traditional formal pieces are redesigned with the integration of military-grade aspects and functional textiles. Designs feature patented fabric including DYNEEMA®, CORDURA®, Protec®, Thermotron® and XPAC™ with our own extension from the references : Church candle scene ( The Killer 1989 ) and "Heart of Darkness" in Swedish M90 camouflage pattern in 3L waterproof / breathable fabrics. DWR wool-blends, Japanese shape memory polymer and 4-way stretch fabrics for trousers ensure versatile designs that do not compromise wearability and utility.


Originally designed in 1996, New Balance and its collaborator Aime Leon Dore revived 850 13 years later. Its colorful and groovy design stood out from the classic New Balance runners at the time of origin. The 850 is best known for being the first model to adapt the now-iconic motion "NB" logo instead of the "N" design.

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Fall / Winter 19 Third Delivery